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in norway Guided adventures

We offer guided multi-day trips on foot, on skies or by water all year around.

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in norway Tailor-made

Looking for something special? Nordisk Friluftskompani can tailor-make adventures in the Norwegian mountains.

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in norway Outdoor courses

The intention with these tours is to teach you new skills within any given activity.

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Experiences are more powerful when shared

Multi-day tours and Outdoor living in the mountains

At Nordisk Friluftskompani we facilitate the kind of trips that the guides themselves would like to take part in, and they know that some of these experiences become stronger when shared with others.

The goal is to give the participants the opportunity to discover new natural resorts and outdoor activities in the company of others seeking similar travel experiences and thereby create new social relations. They want to make this possible for more people in a safe and well tested context.

Nature and activities challenge people, and something new and different always awaits to give us energy and a sense of accomplishment, if we only know how to be present in the moment.

Why travel with Nordisk Friluftskompani?

We’d like to broaden your horizon when it comes to activities within Nordic outdoor living and make it possible for more people to try out these activities. These are sustainable journeys in small groups, where we emphasize communicating outdoor skills, while focusing on a lot of unique experiences in nature.

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More than just travelling

We prepare our participants for more trips on their own by giving them security and confidence to master the activity in terms of both physical condition, experience, equipment and skills.


Safety first

We emphasize security and inclusion, so there is room for everyone to be challenged in a safe environment under expert guidance. We take safety seriously and carefully choose our destinations accordingly.


Professionel tour guides

We use professionel and experienced tour guides, who know the area and the activity well. On our tours there always seem to be a special cohesion in the group, and all experiences therefore seem to have an extra dimension.

Our services and products

Nordisk Friluftskompani offer courses and tours with Nordic outdoor living, and activities such as Nordic backcountry skiing, packrafting and glacier hiking.

Want to work with Nordisk Friluftskompani? Se our packages below, and get in touch, and we’ll get things sorted for you.

– a small outdoor company

About Nordisk Friluftskompani

Nordisk Friluftskompani is a small outdoor company, run by two danes, Sarah and Kristian, who have fallen in love with the mountains and the wonderful scenery in both winter and summer.

They offer multi-day trips on foot, on skies or by water all year around. The trips are all inclusive. The hosts ensure that the trip, the food, the equipment and the lodging fits the program and the environment, to make the participant feel well taken care of from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.

For the hosts at Nordisk Friluftskompani, outdoor living is characterised by physical activity and being outdoors, where activities might be both the end and the means to achieve new experiences.