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Nordisk Friluftskompani Activity Levels

On all our tours and courses we are physically active, and the activity is a highlight in itself.

Below we try to give a more in-depth explanation of what is required on each trip to get the best experience. If in doubt, just write or call us and we will help you find the right trip for you.

For families with children


With children (children and adults, 0-99 years) – level of difficulty 1/7

On these trips, everyone can join, regardless of age and experience. All activities are planned with several breaks along the way and a pace on the children’s terms. Toddlers can also easily attend when only the parents use a childrens carrier or children’s sledge in winter. We hike in scenic surroundings, on marked trails and focus on experiences at children’s level.

With children and adolescents (young and old, from 8 years) – level of difficulty 2/7

A little more challenging trips with children and young people. Here you can spend the night in a tent or a hut in the mountains, and often you go on trips several days at a time. Here, it is often an advantage that parents have little experience of going out and sleeping outdoors. We are going on a trip with a focus on the good experience, and we will take the time it needs.



For adults (from 18 years +)

Easy – level of difficulty 3/7

Although this is our easiest trip, many exciting experiences will still await. The tours are often an introduction to a new activity where we organize the tours so everyone can join, no matter how fast they catch the technique. There are no requirements beyond normal, good physical shape. On the trips we often go on day trips or shorter stages. If there is an overnighter, it takes place in cabins and with less equipment to carry.


Moderate – level of difficulty 4/7

Most people can still participate here. With a good basic physique and walking fitness, these trips are what most people will be able to do with a little extra training before arrival. We will often spend the night in tents and possibly a hut, and be on tour for several days. Some of the day stages may be long, with altitude gain, or be of a physically hard nature. However, you do not need experience with overnight tours. You don’t need any experience with the activity, but we will challenge you along the way, to give you mastery experiences with the activity and make you feel more secure by trying on your own.


Challenging – level of difficulty 5/7

Here you are allowed to work a little for the experience and the view. From a technical point of view, most people can still participate, but it’s an advantage with experience from similar activities. You should have a reasonable physique to get the best results. These can be long day trips over several days, heavy backpack, technical terrain, severe weather and cold. We are traveling for several days, and will often use a tent, both summer and winter. You must be willing to take on challenges and grab the new experiences that await.


Demanding – level of difficulty 6/7

You have experience from the past, and are in good physical shape. You should have trained up for the tour, to get the most out of it along the way, you will be challenged both physically and mentally. We are out for many days, with big packs, and both the terrain and the weather can be harsh. We spend the night in tents or primitive cabins, and you have to get used to tent life and take part in the work to make the trip successful. There may be requirements for technical skills or experience with the form of activity, but you do not need to be an expert. We challenge you along the way and help you succeed and master the techniques.


Strenuous – level of difficulty 7/7

Very good physical shape is required, and you should train purposefully several times a week to get ready. Challenges are both physical and mental, and you have to work long and hard to reach the goal. You must have experience with the activity and with being on tour. The trips are often longer than on the lower levels and you will need to carry heavily and be comfortable with harsh weather and terrain, as well as be happy to spend the night in a tent. These trips may also include technical elements such as climbing, glaciers, skiing and so on. You should have good skills in the current activity. We have set a big goal with the trip and must work together to reach or up. You have most likely been on course with us before and are well prepared. You have packed and mastered the equipment yourself, and we often meet for a direct start on a great adventure.