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Website owner and contact infomation

Nordisk Friluftskompani AS
Venlivegen 17
2658 Espedalen

Phone.: +47 465 23 617
Email: info@nordiskfriluftskompani.no

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small data files sendt from the website and stored on the visitors computer. Cookies cannot contain virus and are used to enhance the user experience and help the website owner to understand how visitors are using the website.

Use of cookies on nordiskfriluftskompani.com

This website requires the visitor to accept the use of cookies – or else we can not guarantee that the website works as it should.

To make it easier for our visitors to understand we have separated alle cookies into two categories: local (often required) and 3. party cookies (set by third party products).

Local (often required) cookies:

No Name Type Description
1 ct_accept ct_accept Cookie set by the information bar when a visitor accepts the use of cookies on the website. The cookies expires after 180 days. It only has one value – “Yes”. The information bar is no longer shown after the cookie is accepted.
2 E-commerce Woocommerce This website uses the Woocommerce plugin for e-commerce. Woocommerce sets 3 cookies in connection to the content of the shopping basket. No personal information is stores in these cookies.
3 Session Session cookie Session cookies that are added when a user enters a website and deleted again when they close their browser. This can be to track if the user is logges in when navigating the site.
4 NK SUB NK Sub This website uses the plugin NKSUB to handle newsletter signups. The plugin sets 2 cookies that control show and subscription status parameters.

3. part cookies:

No Name Type Description
1 Analytics Google Analytics This website uses Google Analytics to track sessions of the website. This way we can see how many people visits our website.

The service is delivered by Gogle Inc. og sets several cookies. Find more information here: https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs

2 FB Pixel FB Pixel Denne hjemmeside bruger Facebook pixel ad services fra Facebook. Disse cookies giver os mulighed for at vise relevant indhold i form af annoncer på Facebook efter du har besøgt vores webside. Facebook giver mulighed for opt-out fra ad services, og disse opsætning kan findes i profilindstillinger (på Facebook).
3 Stripe Stripe This website uses Stripe as paymentgateway. Stipe set several cookies to help with handling the payment and identification of potential fraud. More can be seen on stripe.com

Reject cookies

You can always set you browser to not accepts cookies delivered by our website. Where to find the settings depends on your browser. If you do not accept cookies then be aware of:

Du kan altid konfigurere din browser til ikke at acceptere cookies leveret af vores hjemmeside. Hvor du finder indstillingerne afhænger af, hvilken browser du anvender. Hvis du ikke ønsker at anvende cookies leveret af vores side skal du være opmærksom på at:

  1. the website might not function correctly
  2. some functions may not be accessible, including completing online payments.
  3. settings and selections may not be remembered for next time you visit the site.

Deleting cookies

How to delete cookies depends on you browser. For newer computers try this shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE – but we advise you to check you browsers help documentation.

Questions and complaints

We have done our best to make sure the information here is correct and updates. This report is created on 05-03-2018 and verified 05-03-18.

Please contact us by email info@nordiskfriluftskompani.no or phone: +47 465 23 617 if you want more information.

If you have a complaint then please include your contact information and detailed description fo the problem. If you do not include full contact information then we reserve the right to ignore the complaint due to insufficient information.