Tilmeld dig vores nyhedsbrev


Nordisk Friluftskompani (NF) refers to the terms and conditions mentioned below. As a participant, you are responsible for having read, understood and accepted these terms prior to departure. Please note that the terms below are part of the agreement you enter with NF when you book one of their tours.

Please read these terms before booking.

  1. Important starting point/special conditions
    • NF organizes special tours and arranges individual tours. NF complies with the regulations for package tours and provide the Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund with a guarantee.
    • NF’s tours carry a risk of danger and accidents. As a customer, you must therefore understand and accept that you participate at your own risk. Your tour leader’s instructions must always be complied with.
  2. Participant
    • You may transfer your booking to others when NF has approved the transfer to make sure that the new participant is aware of terms and conditions, content and level of the activity.
    • You should go through all material sent to you and immediately point out any errors or discrepancies you may find.
    • You must comply with all rules in force and any instructions from the tour leaders or anybody else connected to the activity. If these commitments are grossly disregarded, we can bar you from any further participation. In such cases, your participation fee will not be refunded, and any extra costs will be charged to you.
  3. Responsibility and risk
    • Be aware that participation in NF’s activities is at your own risk.
    • You are responsible for your personal belongings; responsibility for injuries or loss does not lie with NF or the tour leader, unless she/he is the direct cause of injury/loss.
    • NF and the tour leader have no responsibility for injuries inflicted upon the participant by catastrophes, strikes or other force majeure acts, or for injuries caused by the participant’s own negligence.
    • Should you experience any shortcomings on the part of the tour leader or any supplier, you have an obligation to tell NF immediately. NF will then remedy any error as soon as possible. If the problem is not solved, please secure this in a written confirmation to be used as documentation for a potential complaint.
    • When participating in NF’s activities you are covered by the company’s professional indemnity insurance if NF can be held responsible for any injury/loss.
  4. Insurance
    • Participation in NF’s activities is at your own risk. You are responsible for having an insurance that covers the activities that you participate in and covers in case you are the cause of other participants’ injury or loss.
    • The participant is responsible for bringing the blue EU health insurance card.
    • NF has a special insurance responsibility for the tour leader.
    • NF and the tour leader cannot be held responsible for any delays or cancellations regarding the journey to your activity, when you have handled all travel to and from the activity yourself.

If you have any doubts about your insurance coverage, please get in touch with your insurance company before booking.

  1. Tour leader
    • NF may at any time replace the tour leader. If this should happen, you will be informed of the replacement as quickly as possible. You cannot cancel your activity and cite the replacement of the tour leader as a reason for doing so, unless this has been agreed upon in advance.
    • You must comply with any instructions from the tour leader.
    • As a participant you have an obligation to put your foot down if you see something that you find unsafe, or if you feel insecure during an activity.
    • The tour leader has the right to cancel an activity if she/he feels that there have been changes that make it irresponsible to continue.
    • The tour leader may discontinue your participation in an activity if she/he feels that 1) you deviate from the requirements for participation to a degree that makes it irresponsible for you to continue and/or 2) you put the group’s safety at risk and/or 3) you cause the rest of the group to miss the activity described when they registered.

If you have any doubts about your participation, please contact NF.

  1. Cancellation of an activity
    • If an activity does not have the necessary number of participants, we may cancel or suggest adjusted conditions, but no later than 30 days prior to activity start. If we cancel the tour, we will let you know immediately and refund you the entire amount paid.
    • NF will not refund your transportation costs, or the cost of any equipment purchased for the tour, if the activity is cancelled.
    • You will receive a refund if NF cancels an activity due to a lack of tour leader, an insufficient number of participants or for safety reasons.
  2. Payment
    • Your registration has been received, when you have sent your registration form via our website or by mail
    • A deposit is paid upon registration. The deposit is between NOK 1000,- and 2000,- and is clearly marked upon registration.
    • You are responsible for checking the currency that prices are quoted in.
    • Deadline for payment of the remaining amount is 30 days prior to arrival. A reminder will be sent out two weeks prior to payment deadline.
    • If the deposit and the remaining amount is not paid in due time, NF reserves the right to cancel the registration.
    • In case of a refund, it is possible to have the amount transferred to your account or to the Dankort/credit card used for payment.
  3. Terms for cancellation
    • Before registration, we ask you to consider whether you have cancellation insurance. You must take care of this yourself.
    • Every activity has a two-week right of cancellation from the day of receipt of your registration.
    • If cancelling takes place after the two weeks and 30 prior to arrival, you forfeit the entire deposit paid.
    • If cancelling takes place 0 – 30 days prior to arrival, your deposit and remaining amount will not be refunded.
    • If you fail to turn up for an activity, or if you are late, according to schedule, your money will not be refunded.
    • Cancellation must be sent to NF in writing and is valid from the day of receipt.
    • It is possible to transfer your tour to someone else. This person must meet the requirements for participation. If you wish to do this, please let NF know immediately.
  4. Partial use of activity
    • If you cannot participate in the entire activity, or if you are prevented from participating in parts of the activity after registration, NF reserves the right to consider this a cancellation, if the tour leader feels that it will disturb the other participants’ activity or change the plans for the activity.
    • If you are absent from an activity, or if you only use parts of the included elements, you cannot expect a reimbursement.
  5. Reservations
    • NF is not liable for any printing errors or any other obvious errors.
    • NF makes reservations for price changes caused by a change in exchange rates, taxes and duties plus other changes that are outside NF’s influence.
  6. Pictures and information on/about the tour
    • Tour leader or NF may take pictures or film during the tour. Pictures may be used in the public domain on NF’s website, Facebook page, Instagram account and in marketing material. You always have the right to refuse being filmed or having your picture taken during activities.
  7. Complaints
    • Any complaint must reach us no later than 30 days after completion of the activity.