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    Glacierhiking in Jotunheimen

    From NOK 10.600
    • Trip dates
      Available from 3/7-14/8 2021
    • Activities Season
    • Activity Level Advanced
    • Group Size Max group size
    All about the Glacierhiking in Jotunheimen.

    Join us for a week of adventure and exploration, when we teach you how to do glacier hiking, and show you how they can open up the mountains and give you endless possibilities for new trips.

    We want to teach and give you a new way of planning your next trip through the mountains. Glaciers are always changing and moving, which is part of what makes them so fascinating to travel on and around. They no longer have to be seen as obstacles or dangers. Glaciers can be the way to a new top or mountain area, but also the trip themselves. It’s a real adventure to walk and climb among all this blue ice, go across crevasses and down into them. With some simple techniques its not dangerous or extreme, just a new possibility waiting to be explored, and you don’t need any prior experience with glacierhiking og climbing.

    Program highlights:

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
    • 1 night in Sognefjelshyttan in shared rooms with full board
    • 5 nights in tentcamp
    • All meals every day
    • A professional and experienced outdoor guide who knows the glacier
    • Equipment for glacier hiking (boots, crampons, axe, helmet and harness)


    • Upon arrival we will start out at Sognefjellshytten, were we will be sleeping in shared rooms and get served dinner, breakfast and lunch. During the week we will sleep in our self-erected tentcamp. You will sleep together with one or two other participants in the tents, and we will have a big communal tent with woodstove for warmth and drying clothes, along with a gasstove for cooking our meals.

    Terms and conditionsSuptitel

    • Group size 4-8 pers.
    • 4 pers pr tourguide
    • Available from 3/7-14/8, 2021